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About SFE

Stretch for Excellence is a campaign to motivate public school students and staff to stretch beyond the normal, expected outcomes and never give up. It is designed to foster that "can do" life attitude that helps a person excel in our information age.

The campaign started first with teachers and support staff in a public school in Florida. They received much needed recognition by using the bendable Gumby 6" and 3" to recognize how "flexible" they had been. Each month a sampling of both employee groups would get the coveted "Gumby Award!" It was so successful that the school prinicpal used it for a second year. In his school, you literally see Gumby green in almost every office and in many classrooms.

In the summer of 2009, the concept of bringing the same recognition to students was conceived. Today, you are experiencing the start of a movement to not only emphasize excellence, but to have "fun" doing so. When you join us in this effort and you will certainly see extraordinary staff/student performance throughout the year!

Please feel free to call and talk to a real, live person! 407-433-9525

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