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How To Download

Certificates and other digital purchases

  1. If you purchased a downloadable certificate or other digital item, your order has to be marked 'Completed' or 'Shipped' for the download to be available. You should receive an email notification when this is the case.
  2. Go to Order Status to check the status of your order.
  3. If your order is marked as 'Completed' or 'Shipped', find and click the 'Download Files' link, and the download will start.

If your order is not marked as 'Completed' or 'Shipped' when it should be, please email customerservice@stretchforexcellence.com to fix this problem.

Custom Bundles

If you ordered the "Any 3" or "Any 5" bundle deals, one of our staff will email your order to the email address on your account, upon receipt of payment. Due to limitations with this website's software, automatic downloads (as described above) are not available for custom bundles so we must send them to you manually. If you don't receive your purchase in a timely manner, please email customerservice@stretchforexcellence.com.

Free Items

  1. Add the free item(s) to your cart exclusively (with no other items in the cart).
  2. Go through Checkout (your grand total should be $0.00).
  3. After completing checkout, go to Order Status.
  4. If your order is marked as Completed or Shipped, find the 'Download Files' link.

Note: If you mixed in other items that require payment, and your order isn't marked 'Completed', just place a separate order for free items; otherwise you may have to wait for the rest of the order to ship.

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