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Pokey PAL Initiative

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PAL: Positive Actions Lift

Positive Actions Lift: Prevent bullying through friendship.

PALs are students who show exemplary kindness to their fellow classmates; students who demonstrate how “Positive Actions Lift.” The PAL Initiative encourages a culture that rewards putting others first.

There are many ways you can implement PAL in your school, but this is one way it can take shape: Every month, using the free tracking chart, each teacher nominates a PAL from their classroom to represent their class – a student who puts the spirit of PAL into action by being a friend to someone new, or speaking up for another child who’s being bullied, for example. At the assembly, the PAL nominees are all recognized and celebrated, and awarded a PAL certificate along with other cool prizes. We’re excited about this new initiative and feel that an emphasis on positive actions will encourage students to build lasting friendships.

John Campbell introduces the PAL program to his school (video):

PAL in the news: Sunrise Elementary School students march against bullying - ABC WFTV

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